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Helena Paparizou (Greek-Swedish singer-songwriter, Eurovision 2005 Winner)

'Erika, you shine so bright, you are so talented and you unbelievably move me when we rehearse. You are so humble, you work hard, you're like a sponge - whatever I tell you, you take it and you do it and it's incredible how the moment you step on stage, how much of big diva and singer you are and you do it so well.'

DJ MG (Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Stormzy)

'Erika is a professional, dedicated and hard-working artist, with a timeless and unique voice which stands out.' 

Adonis Aletras (Film, TV, Media Composer, Songwriter & Producer)

'Erika is undoubtedly one of the best jazz vocalists Cyprus has ever produced. Her performance is tender and soulful, reminiscent of the classic jazz era, with a touch of modern flair too.'

What’s on Cyprus Magazine

‘Her mix was jazzy, funky, soulful and full of passion, I for one know this young lady will be going a long long way.’

Helena May (Kokomo, Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, Incognito)

'Erika is a skilled, professionally driven vocalist who's reliable, confident and committed. She is a wonderful team member who brings a unique individuality to each performance!'

A.M SNiPER ( Multi-platinum Award-winning Rapper, Record Producer, Entrepreneur)

'I had the pleasure of performing with Erika a couple of years ago and since then I've seen her grow more and more into her art. I think she has a rare quality to offer to the music industry.'

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